Tune In events for children and young people

We will be holding two Tune In events via zoom on the 30th January as follows: 10am-11am for 8 -11 year olds2pm – 3pm for 11 + year olds Phoebe Parkin, Youth President and the 3Gen Youth reps will be… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 18th January 2021


10 Smart Ways to Keep Feeling Good When Your Working Life Ends

Here are 10 smart ways to keep feeling good when your working life ends. Click here and have a look. Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 12th January 2021


Spiritual sustenance when in isolation

The Revd Dr Jonathan hustler, Secretary of the Conference, has written a message for the Church as we enter another lockdown. Read 'Putting our hand into the hand of God'  To find out more please… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 7th January 2021


The Virtual MiniMix #15 - Epiphany

As promised the ’EPIPHANY' virtual mini mix is now available on Youtube (click here). There is also a link to the 'LARRY THE LETTUCE 2020 COMPILATION’ which lasts just over 5 minutes & features lots… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 4th January 2021


TakeTime Christmas Video Meditation

Taketime is a series of relaxing guided meditations based on the stories of Jesus and the tradition of St Ignatius. Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 21st December 2020


Colour this Christmas

As you look for ways to meditate on the Christmas story, we have a gift for you: more CSB coloring pages! From Mary's worshipful prayer to the star that leads to a Saviour, reflect on the words of… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 18th December 2020


Bishopstoke Christmas Tree Trail

Starting on 14 December there will be 12 trees, each on the theme of a Christmas carol. Can you guess which carol each tree depicts? To check your answers and to sing along to the carols, bring your… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 17th December 2020


The Virtual MiniMix #13 - Christingle! | VYM

here is a new Christingle song featured in this mini mix that I have uploaded separately on our YouTube channel. You are more than welcome to use it in any Christingle or Christmas celebrations that… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 7th December 2020


Upcoming events from The Well

The Children, Youth and Family Team offers a wide range of learning and development opportunities during the year for workers, volunteers, young leaders, children and families. From retreats and… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 4th December 2020


CYFI Week 2021

We'll spend our week paying attention to:Our own spiritual developmentMinistry to and with children with additional needsResponding to trauma in YPMinistering contextually, andWhat we might do… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 2nd December 2020