CYFI Week 2021

We'll spend our week paying attention to:Getting ourselves ready: how do we sustain ourselves ahead of giving out?Being vs. doing: How do we balance what we do and who we are?Listening Deeply: How do… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 8th March 2021


3Generate 365 Toolbox for group leaders

This includes learning and development opportunities for leaders themselves, session plans, Bible studies and activities to run with your group and other helpful suggestions and advice. The Toolbox… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 26th February 2021


Messy Church. MESSTIVAL!

Date: Saturday, 22 May 2021 - 10:00amVenue: onlineJoin in the first UK Messtival online! A great way to celebrate Pentecost!In the morning, Messy leaders and teams will be enjoying a variety of… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 17th February 2021


Climate Sunday Coffee Break

The Joint Public Issues Team and Climate Sunday have teamed up to bring you a thirty-minute session to help you get your church excited about Climate Sunday. The session will include: •     a brief… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 16th February 2021


Another Seasonal Story of Hope

After 11 months and 17 episodes we’ve now called time and finished recording Stories of Hope. It has been great fun for us producing them and I know that many people have appreciated our efforts. Our… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 11th February 2021


Is your church ready for Lent?

So Premier commissioned THREE FREE EIGHT WEEK COURSES running from the day before Lent on Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) (16th February) to Easter Sunday (4th April 4th): Lent for Beginners with Hugo… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 8th February 2021


FREE! Weekly stay-at-home worship resources

These include activity sheets for children and 'check-in' resources to help young people connect their faith to real-life issues. You can also try a free sample of one of ROOTS weekly service plans -… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 1st February 2021


5 Tips for innovating in the midst of change

Almost a year into this pandemic, we’ve learned that innovation is rarely, if ever, a one-time thing. Actually it’s an ongoing process. With that in mind, here are 5 tips for innovating in the midst… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 27th January 2021


Tune In events for children and young people

We will be holding two Tune In events via zoom on the 30th January as follows: 10am-11am for 8 -11 year olds2pm – 3pm for 11 + year olds Phoebe Parkin, Youth President and the 3Gen Youth reps will be… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 18th January 2021


10 Smart Ways to Keep Feeling Good When Your Working Life Ends

Here are 10 smart ways to keep feeling good when your working life ends. Click here and have a look. Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 12th January 2021