What Is intergenerational ministry? Are we doing it already? What if we don't have any children in our church? How can I get started doing intergenerational ministry in my church or circuit? Who can do intergenerational ministry? How do we take our next steps in Intergenerational ministry?

Explore these and other questions in our latest webinar series, Intergenerational Ministry : What, How & Who. These 90min sessions come complete with:

  • Taught content and reflections from Mark 'Tizz' Tizzard, Intergenerational Enabler from the Southampton Methodist District and Jon White, Learning & Development Officer from the Learning Network.
  • Interviews with experts in intergenerational ministry
  • Space to pray and worship, and
  • A live clinic for leaders to support and challenge each other with an intergenerational issue in their church

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Posted by Tizz Tizzard in Intergenerational Mission Enabler News on 14th May 2020