The Story Project 

Stories are the way we communicate our feelings, emotions, beliefs and values. Stories impart truth and reveal our heart. 
The Story Project is a partnership project involving Cliff College, The Evangelism & Growth Team, The Learning Network and local Churches and Circuits. 
    • The Story Booth-  We will collect and produce stories that will be shared throughout 2019/20, on social media. These can then be used by local churches and circuits, on their own social media accounts, to engage with people external to the church. 
    • The Story Website- The website will both store and share the stories that are captured, host the resources and share some of Wesley translated letters.
    • The Story Resources- On the website you will find a series of resources that help us improve our confidence in all ages in storytelling
Our stories are gifts that deserved to be shared and The Story Project aims to give people a platform and the confidence to share their story. The Church has developed a rather confusing habit when it comes to sharing our stories We have a tendency to prefer telling dramatic stories about dark, reckless pasts turned around at a sudden moment to grab the attention of the crowd and stir their emotions rather than describe the ups and downs of real-life faith stories. The more dramatic the conversion story, the better.
There seems to be an obsession with staggering stories and huge moments of transformation—you know, those brilliant “this-changes-everything” moments that make every story better.
But the problem is, often, the walk into faith is gradual. And the reality is that struggles are constantly coming and going. The Story Project aims to give value to all types of story, the good, the bad and the ordinary. We believe that all stories are important. 
How Can You Be Involved: 
  1. Come Along And Share Your Story- Check out where the booth will be on our website 
  1. Watch- Our website has loads of stories that will encourage you, inspire and challenge young and why not download some of the stories and use them in services
  1. Use The Resources- Check out the amazing resources that we have and please use them 


Posted by Tizz Tizzard in Evangelism on 19th September 2019