The Southampton Methodist District Synod met on Zoom Webinar on Saturday 20th March 2021 to confer prayerfully and to vote on the ‘God In Love Unites Us’ Report Provisional Resolutions.

The following votes were recorded. 

Resolution 10/2 Good relating                            Approve: 159        Disapprove: 5

Resolution 10/3 Cohabitation                             Approve: 142       Disapprove: 24

Resolution 10/7 Guidance on the understanding of marriage  Approve:130  Disapprove: 35

Resolution 10/8 Consent in principle of same sex marriage  Approve: 124   Disapprove:42

Resolution 10/9 Amendment of Standing Orders  Approve:   130    Disapprove:36

The votes will be reported to the Methodist Conference 2021. 

We continue to watch over one another in love. 

Posted by Sarah Pothecary in News on 20th March 2021