Calling all knitters & crafters!
We’ve had a direct plea from one of our hospital chaplains for mask extenders – after taking some to a particularly hard-hit ward this week he was told they ‘are a God send’.  So we are sending this plea district-wide! To help all our local hospitals.  Below is a poster with instructions – if you are able to rally your local knitting/sewing groups that would be amazing!
Due to logistics/travel restrictions this ideally needs to be done in a local context – so you will not only need people to make but people willing to collect them for the hospital and/or care homes. 
Do please contact Sarah if you need help finding a hospital contact, or if you need assistance getting them to that person.
This seems a small but useful way in which we can help, as well as being a wonderful task to keep our church groups connected and feeling helpful. 


Mask extenders NHS2020.pdf

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Posted by Sarah Pothecary in News on 23rd April 2020