Two new books available from Amazon, by Revd Malcolm Rothwell - please take a look!

OMG Emails from Tom:

Thomas was a science student and a committed Christian. Now, 20 years later, he is having serious doubts about his Christian beliefs. He has contacted me as his former university chaplain, in the hope I can answer some of his questions. In a series of emails he asks, for example, whether Adam and Eve actually existed, whether the Christmas stories are historically true. He also wants to know about God. Does God intervene in human lives, if so where does that leave the laws of science? Where is God? Can God be described? Does God answer prayer? What are we doing when we pray?
Rothwell is trying to make sense of the Christian faith in this scientific world in which we live.

Sense and Nonsense:

Do you think Christianity is sense or nonsense? Do you have lots of questions you want to ask about the relevance of Christianity in this culture that we live in?

How has science affected faith? What are the difficulties associated with prayer? What is spirituality? Am I as free as I think I am? What will happen to the church?

Is the bible true? What has happened to community life? These are some of the questions this book tries to answer.


Posted by Sarah Pothecary in News on 27th September 2021