Following the tragic events of Saturday evening in Reading which have, quite rightly, held our focus over the last few days, we hold, in our prayer life, all those whose lives have been affected by the horrific act which, even though only lasting a few minutes, will have a life-time effect on many people.

A prayer: Gracious God, we struggle to find the right words but, in our hearts, know that you hear our cries.  We remember and pray for those who were killed on Saturday because of the actions of another person; we pray for healing for those injured and for those who witnessed the events unfolding; we pray for comfort for those grieving and strength for the many people responding to help others.  We pray for wisdom, compassion and a desire to turn away from hurting others in a world that is desperate to have peace and justice for all people.  Encourage all of us to find ways of responding in love and grace in our own lives and so witness to that same love and grace we experience from you.  We pray in the name of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ and by the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen


Rev Andrew de Ville
District Chair

Posted by Sarah Pothecary in News on 23rd June 2020