A message from Jenny Bond of CTE:
I am delighted to highlight material for the forthcoming Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Don't stop reading! This year it's very important to plan ahead. Please don't wait until after Christmas to start thinking about this.
As you will see, the service is well suited to involve schools/children, both during the service itself and beforehand, in the production of a boat for the place of worship. Page 12 of the attached booklet gives you several ideas and also makes suggestions about how to use lighting to great effect. To take the best advantage of this mission and evangelisation opportunity, please do start now to contact your local schools or drama group and ask them to help you make the service as vibrant as possible.
I also commend the daily reflections to your attention. We are aware that many people focus on the service, but the material for each day is superb and very powerful, not to be ignored.
The leaflet, together with a wealth of support material is available at www.ctbi.org.uk/weekofprayer
I would be most grateful if you could forward this e‑mail and its attachment to as many people as possible. Let's make the Week of Prayer 2020 a superb service and a moment of outreach and evangelisation, especially to parents and to their children.

Posted by Sarah Pothecary in News on 12th September 2019