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Brilliant Resources in one place!

The Learning Network have collated so many resources into one place - online sermons, tutorials on how to hold online meetings etc. Please visit their blog for everything you may need:

Safeguarding Advice


PDF file, 69.48 KB, last modified 21 days ago.


SG newsletter Mar20.pdf

PDF file, 86.95 KB, last modified 16 days ago.


Lay Employment Advice

Covid-19 Employment Briefing 4 for District website.pdf (1)

PDF file, 40.92 KB, last modified 7 days ago.


Worship Sheet - if you are unable to get to church


DOCX file, 84.36 KB, last modified 24 days ago.


Property Advice

Property Advice 2403.pdf

PDF file, 57.71 KB, last modified 12 days ago.


Posted by Sarah Pothecary in News on 5th April 2020