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Church Opening

A lot of practical guidance has been issued concerning the opening of church buildings for private prayer. There are also a range of safeguarding issues which must be considered. There has been a lot of media coverage of the increased risks and incidents of abuse during lockdown and some of those who attend church for private prayer may be experiencing some form of abuse. The church may be, for them, a safe space and they may seek help while there.

Please see below for further advice and a risk assessment template

Safeguarding Risk Assessment.docx

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Brilliant Resources in one place!

The Learning Network have collated so many resources into one place - online sermons, tutorials on how to hold online meetings etc. Please visit their blog for everything you may need: https://learningnetsi.org.uk/coronavirus

Safeguarding Advice


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SG newsletter Mar20.pdf

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Lay Employment Advice

Covid-19 Employment Briefing 6 .pdf

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Worship Sheet - if you are unable to get to church


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Property Advice

Property Advice 2403.pdf

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MHA C19.pdf

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I can't attend a funeral


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Posted by Sarah Pothecary in News on 18th June 2020