Eco Church – What’s that??

Eco Church – What’s that??

You can be an Eco Warrior you if you wish!

Are you concerned about climate change? Many of us are - and government is concerned too. The problem is there seems to be lots of things to do but we are not sure where to start and how to do it properly.

Read here for guidance and advice

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Stewarding our precious Earth

We have recently started this YouTube channel, associated to both the Romsey Church and Winchester, Eastleigh and Romsey Circuit, to inform people about how to express their creation care. Particular topics are climate emergency, biodiversity collapse, a sustainable world and social justice. It reflects the approaches of A Rocha’s Wild Christian and Eco Church, and also of Climate Stewards.

We hope that you find this a useful resource. It would be great if you could help with contributions on appropriate topics. Suggestions of topics, and good quality photos and video clips are welcome. I’m happy to try to blend them. The aim is to offer videos of 5-10 minutes that a wide spectrum of people can find of interest and value.

John Evans


Climate Sunday

Clean Energy UK

A helpful company based in Poole, for green energy suppliers

Praying for the Planet

Make COP Count