Running Messy Church during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Tizz Tizzard is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.Topic: Childrens, youth and families workers afternoon teaTime: Apr 3, 2020 02:00 PM LondonJoin Zoom… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 1st April 2020


Fishing for Hope

A prayerful challenge for this era of lock-down, sent to Methodists in The Southampton District, The South East District and The Channel Islands District…although all are welcome and invited to take… Read More

by Sarah Pothecary, 27th March 2020


A national call to prayer

In these days, let us be a symbol of Hope, let us light a candle, let light shine. Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 20th March 2020


Connecting with God, Reassuring Children, and Wellbeing

Look here for help from the Methodist Children's and families team Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 19th March 2020


Mothering Sunday

Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 18th March 2020


Talking Faith at home: Coronavirus

If you want some good advice about how to talk to the Coronavirus at home this link has some really good ideas, links etc. Talking Faith at home: Coronavirus Many people are confused, worried,… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 17th March 2020


Intergenerational Coronavirus Guidance and Resources

Do check the latest information from the Methodist Church  - it is being… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 13th March 2020


The Story Project comes to Basingstoke Postponed!

The Story Project Day is an opportunity for you to learn about, and practice, telling your story with the help of Evangelism & Growth team, Cliff College evangelists and the regional Learning… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 12th February 2020


New Song Camp

for more information do to Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 20th January 2020


Bible Month 2020

Exploring Ruth:Bible Month comes to Salisbury on 7th March 2020!  Live in-person and live get involved.Please find attached the following for use as you see fit:A Poster, with a blank… Read More

by Sarah Pothecary, 14th January 2020