Eco District

We are committed to being an Eco-District! Please see certificate attached and do contact Revd Gareth Hill if you would like advise on becoming an Eco-circuit Read More

by Sarah Pothecary, 11th November 2019


The quest to find a fulfilling role when fulltime work ends can raise the question ‘but what do I have to offer? Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 11th November 2019


Step by Step

Step by Step are a charity based mainly based in Hampshire for a Supported Lodgings service that helps young people, aged 16-21, into independent living by offering lodgings in a fully assessed,… Read More

by Sarah Pothecary, 7th November 2019


Circuit and Church Stewards Handbooks 2019

The new handbooks for circuit and church stewards are now available for download here:Circuit StewardsChurch Stewards Read More

by Sarah Pothecary, 16th October 2019


District Announcement

Following the announcement of my new role as Head of Ministries a process was undertaken to appoint a new Chair, as explained in the second mailing which came out to Synod members (copy below).  I am… Read More

by Sarah Pothecary, 14th October 2019


Learning Network

Great events around the District from the Learning Network - check them out here ad sign up! Read More

by Sarah Pothecary, 27th September 2019


The Story Project Postponed!

The Story Project Stories are the way we communicate our feelings, emotions, beliefs and values. Stories impart truth and reveal our heart. The Story Project is a partnership project involving Cliff… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 19th September 2019


Growing Young

Ten Things You don't need to Grow Young!A precise size. Don’t buy into the Goldilocks fantasy that some churches are too big, others are too small, and some are “just right.” We saw no statistical… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 18th September 2019


Evangelism Encouragers

We meet 3 or 4 times a year, in the East and the West of the district. We meet for a drink and some nibbles. We share stories from our contexts. We encourage one another in the task. We promote each… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 18th September 2019


3 Generate

3Generate provides a unique opportunity for dialogue and engagement with children and young people. Outcomes from the weekend are fed back to Methodist Conference and help to inform the work and… Read More

by Tizz Tizzard, 17th September 2019